ᐅ Why doesn't my dog like certain foods?


How to make dogs lose their appetite. There are a lot of easy ways to cause dogs eating problems: first and foremost, by constantly changing their diet. One day dry food, the next something you've cooked at home, another day a different type of dry food (in case they get bored of eating the same thing every day), a few snacks here and there and, of course, a taste of what's on your plate (as they stare at you while you are having your meal and they are having to wait for theirs). If you carry on like this for long enough, you can be sure your dog will start becoming fussy: Uhm, I don't like this brand of dry food, I liked the other one better, so I won't eat this to show you that I prefer the other'. And the day after: Mmm, my favourite brand of dry food... I could have a bit, but I much preferred that bit of ham you gave me yesterday from your plate. Don't you have any of that today? No? Well, thanks, but no thanks. I'm not having this. And this can go on and on, because your dog might prefer one type of ham to another, or like meat more than ham, and after refusing one thing after the other, they start having the same problems an anorexic person would have: their stomach shrinks, they have less appetite and refuse more and more food. Initially they were just being fussy, but they end up not being hungry at all. This really worries owners, who would do anything to make their dogs eat: delicious treats, all sorts of specialities, different menus every day, until they reach the point when they are putting food directly in their dog's mouth  which dogs love, because it comes with lots of attention and affection. Beware! In extreme cases, this could cause serious debilitation. NEVER allow this vicious circle to start, because it could get out of hand without you even realising. Another good way of causing your dog to become lazy and refuse food is to turn them into a couch potato: more sedentary dogs are, less hungry they become (for obvious reasons). Then add a few treats too many and the vicious circle becomes even more vicious.

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