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Dogs and Cats Repellent
Dogs and Cats Repellent

Dogs and Cats Repellent

Codice: DIS0058


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The most practical and convenient way to help change the habits of our furry friends. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, our Repeller acts by releasing a complex of plant essences with gentle and effective action. Harmless for pets and plants.

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spray 20-30 cm away from the surface or object. Thoroughly clean and deodorize the surface or object to be protected before applying the product. It’s recommended to apply it daily for the first few days, and every 48 hrs in the following weeks. For outdoor use, it is advisable to repeat the application in case of rain. Re-apply as often as necessary until undesirable habits of your pet or stray animals are changed.
WARNING: Properly used, the product doesn’t leave any stain. It’s however advisable, on delicate surfaces or particularly valuable furniture, to perform a test on a reduced, hidden portion of the surfaces.



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